Devils Tower

Devils Tower

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hey Cool it Buddy!

So it has been quite a while since I have been able to post due to a hectic work schedule and the ridiculous temps we have been experiencing here in God's country. 

Not that the temps keep me from posting........they just keep me from working.

 I am guessing these temps must be affecting the Cox cable guys as well, since they can't seem to fix my internet connection.

  They keep sending this guy out to fix my intermittent problem.  I think they may need to send someone else.
About all I have been able to squeeze in these last few weeks is a simple a/c install on the old Avalair. 

 The idea was to install a modern air conditioner without screwing up the looks of the trailer. Nothing looks worse to me , than a nice trailer with a window unit hanging out of the side of the camper.  

So, I decided to mount mine on rails that would slide in for travel and be hidden behind an access door.  Mine is going where the mammoth hot water tank used to live.  I'll fab up a door later.  I bought an 8500 BTU unit from one of the big box stores.  It is about the biggest I can use and still run it on a portable generator.
I had some left over plywood and I really wanted to test my idea, before I drilled holes in my new linoleum, so I fabbed up my test piece.

I bought a set of rails rated up to 100 lbs.  The air conditioner weighs 53 lbs , so we are safe there.
So, I tested it out on the table and it worked ok.  So I'll try it in the camper.
Original hot water tank hole.

I started out about 1/2 way down the board but, I ended up lowering the rail closer to the bottom of my 2x4, because it was hitting at the top of the access hole.

 In the words of my buddy Dave, "The workers at the aluminum factory need overtime, too." So, I opted for yet more, aluminum extrusion.  This will keep the air conditioner from falling off.  Also, once it is bolted down, it will keep the tweakers from hauling it off for scrap metal in the middle of the night.

What could possibly go wrong stealing a little copper wire?

Here it is in the open position.  This will allow the heat to escape and the moisture to drain out away from the trailer.  I still need to add some more angle up on the air conditioner shroud, so that I can mount a seal all the way around to allow it to seal up when it is open.
Here it is closed and ready for travel.  I still have to come up with a hinge and maybe a water hood for above the door to help divert the water.