Devils Tower

Devils Tower

Monday, May 12, 2014

You're burning daylight boy!!

I am closing in on my own self imposed deadline.  You see I have an event I am putting on in June.  June 14, 2014, to be exact. 

 I want to have the Nova done in time to participate.  How lame would it be to sponsor an event, designed at driving your hot rods and then not have one finished?  In my mind I would have had plenty of never works out that way.

Here's the event: .

I have been thrashing every available moment and I have come to a decision.  
This is the last late model I will build.  Nothing newer than 1940 for me.  Way too time consuming.  I could have built 2 1936 Ford pickups for the same money and time.
Anyway, I have plumbed the fuel lines, put in an in tank pump with a return style regulator, added subframe connectors, removed the headers and replaced with ram's horn manifolds, plumbed the brake lines, started bleeding the brakes and chased electrical gremlins until I got all of the lights to work.  Here are a few pics from the thrash. I'll post more when I get time.
 Ordered a new replacement tank with the built in fuel injection pump baffles from Tanks, Inc in Iowa.  Good folks.
I had already ordered this piece first, thinking I would build my own later on after I got more money.  That was expedited, due to the fact that I found out there were no provisions for a mechanical fuel pump on the later casting engine that the previous owner had installed.
So, I ordered the missing pieces, a Walbro pump and filter.

Tied it all up nice and neat and installed it in the tank.

Plumbed it all with -6 (3/8") aluminum line.  Dead soft aluminum and very manageable.

Since I am running a carb, I used an Aeromotive return style regulator.  It came with 2 springs, one for carbs and a higher psi spring for fuel injection.  That way, if I ever do change my mind, I won't have to spend any extra jack.
I am getting close to filling it with fuel and leak testing it.  Cross you fingers.