Devils Tower

Devils Tower

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Thrash continued

We have been at this for 2 days so far and we have made some significant progress.  The floors are kinda soft in certain areas due to hot water tank leaks and windows leaking.  The previous owners had done a temporary fix, but it was unacceptable.
 I do believe that just because you can, doesn't mean that you should.
  These things tend to snowball and as luck would have it, by the end of the day this is what the trailer looked like. After 2 days of scraping linoleum tile, the floors are finally somewhat clean.  Someone, somewhere in time decided to attempt to build a toilet/black water system with basic hand tools and from the looks of things, possibly a broad axe.

 Trying to decide if this trailer came with a shower or if someone added it.  I am thinking the guy that installed this may have been cross-eyed. Not sure how it ended up in the corner.

  The previous owner tried to build a shower pan out of galvanized steel.  This is coming out.

   These two holes are the hot water tank door (Aft) and the forward door is a baggage door that came out under the bed.  This is where I plan on adding a window unit on rails that will slide out when we are parked, but will disappear when we travel.

The heater looks like a vintage house heater.  This thing will probably heat the trailer fine.

While removing the dinette, I found a Albuquerque paper dated 1970.  We are assuming the trailer was from the New Mexico area.

 This is the front dinette area.  There was a home made water tank under the seat.

This may seem like an abstract picture, but actually this is to show what the wife is spending a lot of time undoing.  What you see is the rubber trim between the cabinets and the wall.  The previous owners must have contracted with Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles to paint this interior.  Apparently there was a shortage on masking tape due to a strike at the factory, because whoever painted this didn't realize that straight lines are a plus.  Lotsa paint thinner and rags to undo this mess. This is what it looked like after scrubbing the old latex off.

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