Devils Tower

Devils Tower

Monday, December 12, 2011


Well, I am starting to feel like I may be approaching the top of the hill.  I am almost to the crown and the backside of the hill will be much easier and should pick up speed exponentially.  Wow, that sentence needs a comma somewhere........I just can't remember where.  It's been too long.  That's why I am not an Editor I suppose.  My dad always told me I would work where it is hot and loud.  Guess he saw it coming......

Anyhoo, back to the task at hand.  
 I need to get the back wall together, because it is impeding progress.  All of the wiring is done, now to re-insulate the back wall and try and get the inner sheetmetal back on.

So, I did a couple hundred one armed push ups and gathered my tools in preparation for "Rivetpalooza 2011."  I went to Harbor Freight and bought a pneumatic rivet gun since I had a several hundred rivets to pull.  This particular one is a Chinese knock off of a Cherry Max gun.  The differences are, I am only pulling aluminum stemmed rivets instead of steel and this one is $69 versus $1000.  The other essential tool is a Route 44 Dr. Pepper, which is Jesus' favorite drink I am pretty sure.
With bladder empty and tools in hand, I head to the shop to meet my Dad.  We have a vacation planned next summer with our travel trailers.  I assume he is thinking I am behind schedule, since he is asking me to help every weekend. He thinks I blog more than work.  He's probably right.
We had to make all of the insulation fit the cavities in the wall, so we starting cutting. I love itching for days afterwards.
Here is a picture of "THE WALL".  I added a piece of Romex wire that will be used to add an electrical outlet for the A/C under the bed. 
Make sure that anytime you do something like this, that you add grommets to prevent the metal from chaffing through the insulation and causing a fire.
It's a tight fit and it will make for a rough time installing the back wall, but it will be full.  I figure over time it will relax a little.
Before installing the back wall I am going to have to make some relief cutouts.  These are due to not listening to my wife.  She told me that the tail lights would not fit and I told her they would.  Things always appear bigger to husbands I suppose.

So with hole saw in hand I punch a couple of relief holes in the wall and one for the electrical.
So, I started on the side walls first and clecoed them in place.  Ok class, does anyone remember clecos?  There will be a test over this material.......
I am going to have to fabricate a cover to protect the terminal end of the tail light.  It is actually centered in the hole, but I wanted the  plug to be centered, since it is mounted offset on the tail light.
Sticks through about an inch or so.  I want to be able to unplug it if I ever have to change the light.
Here is the aftermath of "Rivetpalooza 2011".  I may try and clean it up some time this week to get ready for the next phase, "Operation Mammary Gland Pink Reduction."

Also, I fixed a minor issue with the exhaust fan over the stove.  It has a pull chain that releases the outside cover, which in turn releases a momentary switch allowing power to the fan.  Well, mine didn't do anything.  Even though the previous owner told me that everything worked.  So far nothing has........I kinda figured that.

The suspect. 

I pulled it out and I think the innards must be fused together, because there was no moving this bad boy.  It was completely locked up.  I looked all over town and finally found one at Grainger's.  It is an industrial supply house.  
I installed the switch and that remedied the problem.  Scratch that one off the "to do" list.

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