Devils Tower

Devils Tower

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Time is running out and the summer camping season is upon us.  I started this little adventure Mother's day Weekend, of 2011. That's almost a year and I am still not camping.

Time to kick it up a notch.
Pump up the jams......kicking it old school this weekend........

I finished the plumbing last weekend and I decided that I needed to pressure check the water system, prior to filling it with water.

 I decided to build my own tester.  I started out at Camping world.  I needed some sort of hose that would adapt to my city water port.

I have a leakdown tester that I use when setting up the mechanical fuel injectors on my drag car.  I made a small modification to that and we were off and running.

I put 35 PSI on the first gauge, that shows us the input pressure, the second gauge shows us how much leakage we have.  Ideally, it should read the same, but if you have leaks, it will be lower.  If you have a lot of leaks, it will really show up.  I pressurized it for about 2 hours and left it.  I had a leakage rate of approx. 2 psi.  I soaped all of the fittings to look for air bubbles, but couldn't find anything obvious.  It must be in the valves for the sink.  They are the only thing that could be suspect.  They are original equipment.

Let's see if it holds water.  I had Mama Root manning the water spigot in case we needed to hurry up and shut it off.  Things could get very treacherous.
Be careful Capt. Root!!!!
Slowly, Mama Root opened the valve ever so slowly, waiting as the water careened down the hose, heading for it's final destination. The hose lurched as the pressure valve gurgled.  What would be the outcome?  Our superhero is in danger.  Would his cheeseburger get wet?  His french fries soggy?
Would our hero be washed downstream as he fights for his life?  Would he meet his fate in a watery grave, crashing to the rocks below? 
Oh, the horror.....I can't watch.....
Actually, nothing happened. Sorry to disappoint you.  I'm still in tact.
No leaks, no muss, no fuss.  The only issues are a small seep around the hot water valve on the sink and the sink neck needs an O ring.  I had to buy a replacement valve and O ring which resolved the issue. Surprisingly enough, my buddy that owns the local hardware store had one on the shelf.  I guess the design must have been good one to still be producing it 49 years later.
All clamped up and ready to put the dinette back in place.
I also found a few things to help organize the trailer without getting cheesy.  I have been looking for towel racks, organizers etc. to help maximize the space we have, without looking modern.  I want to keep the trailer functional without ruining the atmosphere.  
 I found this chrome wire cage toilet paper holder at one of the big box hardware stores for 5 bucks.  Funny thing is, it hooks perfectly over the rear window in the trailer.  This way it can be removed when you don't need to take care of bidness.......
 I also stumbled onto a matching set of wall hooks that match the shower caddy perfectly we had bought months ago.  These will work out good for hanging wet clothes or towels in the shower to dry.
I just drilled them and threw a couple of 3/16" pop rivets in them.  They seem sturdy enough.  The list is getting shorter.

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