Devils Tower

Devils Tower

Monday, September 23, 2013

Avalair goes home

It's been a few years since Avalair left Texas, but this weekend it made it's way back to where we found her.  It was a little over 2 years ago we found the Avalair in the panhandle of Texas.  We drug it home on a  prayer, with no trailer lights to speak of and no electric brakes.

This is a pic of the trailer where we found it, Mother's Day 2011.

We decided to head out the Wellington, Texas and visit some friends and take in a concert with legendary blues man, Jimmy Vaughn.  This would be the perfect opportunity to make the journey and revisit Avalair's home place.

We stopped off in Shamrock, TX for the obligatory photo op at the recently restored Conoco station.

So, we stopped off at Bob's place to set up camp.  Then it was off to the recently restored Ritz Theatre in downtown Wellington, Tx.
Jimmy put on a stellar concert, as usual.  amy phone takes pretty crappy pics, but here are a few pics.
 His brass section is pretty impressive.  Having done my time as a band dad, I kept watching these two more so, than most other people probably did.

 He went into a 20 minute guitar solo, completely behind his head.  Very tough to do.

Jimmy and his band dropped by afterwards to shake hands and meet all of my hot rod buddies.  Jimmy is actually a car guy himself.

All in all, it was a good trip.  Short but sweet.  We had a great time and Avalair got to strut her stuff in her old hometown.  People that knew her before, were proud to see her restored to her former glory.

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