Devils Tower

Devils Tower

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 4 of Thrash-o-Rama

Well,  another day spent on the disassembly phase of the Avalair.  This part was the part I have been dreading most.  We'll call today "Crap Day".  It's the day where I did a lot of the things I have been procrastinating.  I knew I had to finish drilling off the belly pans and then I could start on the rotten floor removal.  Also, the tongue of the trailer was pretty raunchy.  It needed to be stripped to bare metal and resprayed.

I found lots of home for critters, since the hole fairy had been spreading holes and good cheer to al the good boys and girls in the trailer park.

Look boy and girls there he is now.....

After I removed the belly pans, I surveyed the damage and tried to decide if it was possible to add black water tanks to the undercarriage.  I am thinking no at this point.  Port-a-Potty is looking like the leader in the race for King of Squatdom.

I ran into an interesting ordeal.  The floor is held down by these bolts that are called "Elevator Bolts".  They have a 3/8" coarse thread bolt with a perfectly flat head approx. 1.5" in diameter. I am going to have to order them.  No one carries them.  Luckily one of my best buddies owns a hardware store.
Rather than trying to remove these crusty nuts and some that someone tack welded in place for some unknown reason, I decided to cut them.  I didn't want to lay on my back all day (Contrary to popular belief), so I started cutting the floor out in sections.  It was rotten anyway, and the guys at the Sawzall blade factory need overtime, too.
Everyone needs power tools.
I started by cutting a hole in the floor.  This gives me access to start my cuts and I don't have to cut in a very straight line.  Plus, it gives me little round biscuits to throw at my neighbors dog, when he hunkers down for a grumpy in my flowerbed.
That would be a hole in one.
After a few hours of cutting little squares, I have a big square to admire.  Now you see my issue for mounting the black water tank.
Right rear area behind the wheel well.  This is where the hot water tank and the storage bin were.  The air conditioner on rails will be going in the forward hole.
It looks bad, but that was the worst of it.  Soon we start seeing progress. I hope.
Looks pretty rough,huh?

More ugly

Fat guy in "Man Capris" sandblasting the frame.

Looks better

After the wifey spent a few hours massaging the tongue.  That sounds bad doesn't it?

Way better, I think.
I am wiped out after 8 hours in a  95 degree heat. So maybe we will post more pics later........

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  1. I enjoyed the photo of the fairy and the man capris. The rest looks like alot of work but you are making good progress. I see many family camping trips in your future