Devils Tower

Devils Tower

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Santa Claus is coming June?

Santa comes in several different forms......
This week is was the UPS man.  My wife has been on a quest to outfit the inside of the trailer with vintage 60's everything.  She has been ebay stalking, like a lion stalking a wounded gazelle.

Hello Mrs. Root, I have some more ebay crap for you........

This came yesterday.
Groovy little chrome canister set.

Vintage MelMac plate set made by Texas Wares.

Look at this Mid Century Atomic pattern.  Cool, huh?

She had to have them because they were square........
Camping World had these......
Here is the pattern on the material she has picked out for the curtains.

I found her out in the barn sitting in the trailer last night chanting "Must have more MelMac dishes..............." Time for an intervention.

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