Devils Tower

Devils Tower

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Floor it!

Floor it!!!!!!

Well, today was a record high.  It was 108.  That can't stop us.  We pressed on.  Kinda getting used to it now.  There's a cold front that has moved in and it is only supposed to be 97 tomorrow.
The wife and kids suited up for a day on the Avalair.

We had to do a few repairs while attaching the walls back down to the new floor.  The bottom U channel is made of some thin aluminum and has probably lost a lot of it's strength over the years.  I decided to add some aluminum extrusion to help stiffen up the walls and act as a doubler of sorts.

Your basic hardware store variety aluminum.
This helped stiffen things up a lot and also gave me a place to reattach the skin where the "Hole Fairy" had been active.

We decided to add another 1/2" of plywood over the top of the newly replaced floor, plus in a few high traffic areas that were sort of spongy.  The wood is still in great shape, but since Avalair used 1/2" instead of 5/8" or 3/4", (probably due to weight savings and cost) we just wanted a firmer feel.  So, we added another layer bonded with an adhesive and screws.

  Someone in the future is gonna hate me, but such is life.  By Dec. 21st,  2012 , this thing will be inhabited by Zombies anyway, so who cares.  The floor will be solid for them.
I bet you never thought I could work a pic of zombies in, did you?

The culprit.  Maybe this will keep it from squeaking in the future.  Who knows?
Troweling out the adhesive.
Ah yes.....perfection.

Not the best in the world, but way below average.

Tomorrow we tile...........

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