Devils Tower

Devils Tower

Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's crap day............

We know it's crap day because Mr Hanky is here.............

I have been putting off a few things lately.  When the trailer was still in the possession of the previous owner, there was an issue with the rear window.

Let's just say divorces and angry wives can get ugly in a hurry.

The weapon of choice.
Now, I can't find a replacement window.  I figured I would at least drill it out to see the exact dimensions on the inside of the frame.  If anyone has a 28"w x 29"h roll out window, I'd be interested in it.

Since I have the back inner wall removed already, I figured I should go ahead and repair all of the loose ends on the back wall.  
Dirt and tape residue needs to be removed.
That includes removing the name plates and the clearance lights so that I can clean it up.  I was afraid there would be a lot of corrosion under the plates.  It was pretty dirty, but no corrosion.  The rear window was covered with plastic and duct tape while it sat outside.  The residue from the tape got hard and was a pain in the butt to get off.  Duct tape has a place in society, but not for extended periods of time.
That's gonna hurt when he pulls it off.
I drilled out the solid fasteners (rivets) and cleaned up the face of the nameplates.  I also started on taping them off to repaint.  I used the vinyl tape used for custom striping.  It keeps a pretty decent edge.

All taped up and ready to spray.
I started cleaning the back wall and decided that I would throw a buffer on it, just for giggles.  The top panel isn't anodized like the rest of the trailer, for some odd reason.  It did polish up though. I looked like Al Jolsen by the time I was finished.
Buffer anyone?
It only got worse as the day progressed.

It polished up nicely. The only problem is that Mama Root wants the rest of it to match..............