Devils Tower

Devils Tower

Sunday, June 23, 2013

It Must be a sign..................................

For those of you who follow my blog, both of you, know that I have a sign fetish.  Mid Cntury signs turn me on.  There's something about neon that just screams Americana.

  In my head, I hear the Rat Pack belting out numbers in Vegas,  with a cigarette, cooly balanced between Sammy Davis Jr's fingers.  I think of my own family vacations as a kid cruising across the desert, in our 66 Buick Riviera, hoping for a vacancy sign so dad would stop driving for the night.
So what does this all have to do with me?  Well, let me tell you.  Recently, I was in Columbus, Ohio on a business trip and to cure the cabin fever , often associated with living out of a suitcase, I decided to wander to the local art show.  It was there that I met Jolyn Hecht.  She is a photgrapher hailing from the Chicago area. 

 She has the same sickness I do.  Although, not clinically diagnosed, I was quick to pick up on the "signs".  She had it bad.. An advanced case I am willing to bet.  North Americana Signusitus, would be my guess.  A rare disease, not appreciated by many.  It generally spreads to those that aspire to live in a simpler, less chaotic time.  Those infected cannot explain the disease, only the symptoms.  The symptoms usually consist of driving tirelessly to remote areas to search out things long forgotten by modern travelers.  Lack of sleep , followed by the need to stare endlessly at the buzzing neon signs, sort of a hypnotic trance, if you will.  This followed by a lack of fear for one's own safety by venturing into the dark of night to capture the image of North American neon, in full rut.
Jolyn has it bad all right.  If you would like to see some of her artwork, feel free to drop by and check out her website. 
 Don't steal her pics.  Buy them.  This is her passion, but it also costs money traveling all over to take to capture these images.

  The pics on the web don't do the real live prints justice.  The colors really pop.  She has the larger ones mounted on a masonite type of board for a long lasting, durable piece.

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