Devils Tower

Devils Tower

Friday, July 5, 2013


One of the casualties from our Big Trip were the bed slides.  Although, they probably were sufficient in the day, they didn't hold up to the Clydesdale family.  We big people Baby!

 Actually, it was cracked, but I thought it would make it.  I was wrong.  It was kind of a crappy design anyway.  It had 2 rails with grooves cut into them allowing the male side to slide in the groove.  Probably cheaper to manufacture.
  I always overbuild, so I started researching heavy duty drawer slides used in industrial applications.  I looked at RV slides, firetruck slides etc and came up with a suitable substitute.

Don't mind the words watermarked on the pic.  Aparently, there are tons of people stealing pics of drawer slides....
Big Bad Drawer Slides for Manly Trailers

  These slides are roller bearing with a 500 lb load limit, which is insane.  That means my family can lay on the bed while I roll it in or out.  We won't mention that fact. 
 These bad boys weigh 8 lbs each.  They have a 5 year warranty, which says a lot.  I know I won't even need the 500 lb capacity, it may have 30 lbs on it max.  However, I love stuff that I don't have to touch ever again, so therefore, overbuild......
The culprit
After notching the front side of the bed, I was able to install the slides.
Then I added a 2x4 to attach the bed top.
This one fought me to the bitter end.

Next I decided to do away with my arch nemesis.  These things piss me off to no end. Off with your heads!
There were 2 on the bed originally.  They are always flopping down in the way, locking up the bed where you can't slide it out.  Not any more. 
I measured the legs and made retractible leg system out of 3/4 inch steel tubing.  All three legs come up at the same time and stay out of the way.

Here they are folded up.  If you are wondering why the bed is all of a sudden painted.....I got carried away after painting the legs.  I still need to go to the hardware store and find some rubber feet to prevent chewing up the tile.

All folded up and it slides in and out with one hand.  Way better.  It wasn't as easy as it looked though.  I had to modify every single piece of the bed and the air conditioner area.  I labored over this stupid thing for approximately 10 hours.
I had a reader submitted a comment, asking about the bed in the slid out position. Well, here ya go. All ready for action Jackson!  I would have answered your comment, but apparently you can't edit one after it is published. Whodathunk it?  As far as your other question about the air conditioner, I believe it is back in August of 2011.  Look in that general area.  Thanks.


  1. The air conditioner threw me because I thought I had been keeping up with your blog. Will you please point me to your AC post(s)?

    Not that it's all that necessary, but would you mind posting a pic of the bed deployed with the new slides? Thanks!


    1. Tom, go back to Aug of 2011. Hopefully, that will help.