Devils Tower

Devils Tower

Sunday, July 7, 2013

OOPS, I did it again.......

I tore something up.  My dad always told me I could tear up a steel ball with a rubber hammer.
When my son and I were pushing the Avalair back in the shop the other day, we hooked the gray water drain on my rototiller.  Basically, exploded the down spout.
I never liked this setup anyway.

I had to make an access hole.  This is not the finished product.  I'll square it all up and finish it out, then make a cover for it all.

I decided to standardize the outlet to accept the regular sewer hose, due to the fact that most campgrounds require a donut on the hose going into the ground.

I bought the fitting from Camping World.  I carried it into the local hardware store.  I found a rubber bung that is stepped and tapered.  It is mainly used in non-pressure situations for drains etc.  It fits pretty tight.  I forced it in and then cut the end off to allow enough clearance for a close out cap.  Then I painted the pipe with plastic paint, hoping that it may not be super noticeable.
It just barely clears the jacks when they are retracted.  I mounted the pipe in rubber, with a saddle clamp to the rear bumper.

We will see how it works in the near future.

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