Devils Tower

Devils Tower

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cool it buddy.....the Final Chapter

With the walls painted, it allowed me to finally button up the walls around the access panels.  I needed to make sure that there wasn't a huge gap surrounding the air conditioner when it is extended.  I  fabricated a u channel that would span the distance between the two access doors.  This would allow me to tie the two together with one piece of structure.  

This is where the piece will be mounted.  Sandwiched between the inner and outer skins.
I slid the new pice in and adjusted it to where it would just barely clear the air conditioner louvers and drilled it in.  This extends the surface that the gasket will mate against.

 As you can see in the pictures, I used a piece of aluminum angle and screwed it into the factory holes designed for the window installation.  This will be the face that I mount the seal to.  On the top of the air conditioner, I used the bracket that was supplied.
I stopped by my local big box hardware store and picked up this little gem.  Self adhesive weatherstrip seal.  This will mount on the angle and when the a/c unit is pushed out, it will press against the outer wall.
The corners wanted to peel up, so I just threw a pop rivet in each corner to keep it tight.  Probably not a good solution, but I'm a hack, so who cares.
I have added some pics to sort of tie it all together.  This shows the bed installation with the a/c extended.  The plywood inner structure acts as duct work.  There is room in front of the a/c for a fan.
This is not the type of fan I am talking about.

This is the type of fan I am talking about.

This should help move the air out into the cabin area.
I guess I will close this session for now, my family is asking for me to go hunt for food and provide for them. It's tough to juggle all of these tasks......

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