Devils Tower

Devils Tower

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Operation Mammary Gland Pink Reduction

I had huge plans for the Christmas holiday vacation.  I was going to thrash like never before.  There was only one thing that hindered that progress.....
A Virus.  I caught it about the first day I went on vacation and it lingered for about 2 weeks.  It is one of those that travels from family member to family member dragging it out for over a month, so far.....

But, we still managed to get a little work done.  Our goal is to be through by Early June, hopefully sooner, but the days are ticking away.  June sounds like a long time away, but it works out to roughly 24 more weekends.  I feel like we have rounded the corner and the stuff we are doing now is more fun.

Operation Mammary Gland Pink Reduction kicked off and it was a mess.  Mama Root took a DA sander and attacked the pink monster with a vengeance, rarely witnessed by mankind.  She donned her warpaint and attacked.....

We didn't even know if you could sand latex paint without it gumming up the sandpaper, but it worked.  It made a lot of dust.
We took it down to the original finish or as close as we could get to it.  
It took about 3 days to sand out all the runs and sags left by the previous owners.  I am thinking this may have been the previous owner, or at least the guy who painted it.  This would explain a lot.....
You mean, I can pick the color and paint the trailer?

I can see why lazy people wouldn't want to tape this off.  It took as long to clean up and tape it off as it did to sand it.  

I was thinking about spraying it and after pondering it for a day or two I wussed out and used a roller and a paint brush.

This was close to the original color.  It wasn't intentional, it just ended up that way.  It's hard to tell in the pictures, but it is an off white.  All in all, Operation Mammary Gland Pink was a success.

You be the judge.

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