Devils Tower

Devils Tower

Monday, January 16, 2012

Hidey Hidey Hidey Ho...................

Well, since today is a Federal holiday I get the day off.  Nice of Uncle Sugar, huh?  So, I will try and get something done.

A precision hole left with a meat cleaver.
I have been pondering what I am gonna do with the left over hole from the previous water tank. 

So, I need to hidey hidey ho.....

See below....

Cab Calloway, the Original Hidey Ho singer...Minnie the Moocher.  This guy was rock and roll of the 1930's.

This is gonna take some ciphering.....That's hillbilly for pondering.

The original water tank extended through the inner and outer skins.
It has a hand pump and a whopping 7 gallon capacity, so out it goes.

I was wandering through Camping world and I saw this little gem. It is a city water fill valve with a built in pressure regulator and it is about the same size as the hole.

I needed a doubler that would help to strengthen the skin around the whole.  
There are 2 of these doublers that sandwich the outer skin.
This is the inner doubler after being trimmed to fit around secondary structure.
So, I marked the hole where the material needed to be removed.
The same thing had to be done with the interior wall.
I had a larger doubler that I riveted on the interior wall.  This shows the fill valve installed.
After a little polishing and a little drilling and riveting, the valve finds a home in the original hole.  

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