Devils Tower

Devils Tower

Thursday, May 10, 2012


So where did I leave off? Oh yeah, tired and dirty.
So, I ordered the brake backing plate assemblies and they came in. They look good for the money.

 I also hafta eat a little crow. 

 I called  down and ordered the bearings, seals etc. for the axle.  Thinking it would run about $40.  Obviously, I haven't bought bearings in a while. How does $108 grab you? I just cleaned the other ones and regreased them.  I still had $35 in 2 seals, since mine were destroyed coming out.  
I used a battery charger to test out the brakes.  I just hooked a lead up to each wire on the magnet and bypassed the brake controller.  It worked good, so I am ready to reinstall the wheels and tires.
I spent the rest of the day unwiring my lights.  I am so glad I had a junction box in between the tail lights and the front trailer plug.  This made it easy.
I had the tail lights wired up to the "brake control" post, which was not right.  It took a few hours, but I got it back where it needs to be.

Next project on the list, is to finish the underside of the trailer, so I can put the belly pan back on.

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  1. It sucks getting old - everything I buy nowadays seems to cost at least three times more than it did the last time it was purchased.