Devils Tower

Devils Tower

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Step up to the plate.....

I was happy to see my new step on the front porch, from Vintage Trailer.  I bought the smallest, most compact step I could find.

If you remember, mine had been smacked with a curb or something.
Let's go in the way back last Memorial Day.
This is the remains of the step in my junk bin.  It was welded to the frame.
There is a piece of plate under the belly pan that is welded to the frame , that I can use as an attach point.  The problem is, that if I mount it where I can hit the plate, then it is too far up under the trailer to be useful.  So, I will have to put some thought into engineering something to extend the step out, that is sturdy enough to hold up my big old self. 

 I started scrounging in my metal bin and found a good heavy stick of 2" angle.  I will have to pick up a few spots along the frame to make this sturdy enough not to flex under load.  I want it to be removable in case I run over a drunk armadillo.
I cut 3 angles about 20 inches long and started rounding off the corners.  I always round off the corners , because inevitably I will be the guy that hits his head on it, when I am crawling around underneath it.  Then I clamped it to the step to make sure it stays square.  Then I clamped it to the table and started to weld it all up.

After welding it all and mocking it up in place, I marked all the holes and started pre-drilling so I wouldn't have to do it all overhead.
Also, I made sure that I put a 45 degree angle on the support bracket, because I know that someday I will be tromping around in bare feet or flip flops and kick the end of the bracket.  So I cut it off.
Not my foot, the angle.

Then I de-burred everything and then spray bombed it with satin black.

Step right up and see the show..........
Retracts back out of the way
One more thing to remove from the list O'Crap to do.....

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  1. And I thought the dumb step looked good right out of the box. So much for my low expectations! It looks great! (And I'm placing an order for one. ;))