Devils Tower

Devils Tower

Sunday, May 20, 2012

What lies below......

This post will be quick and dirty, the way I like my women.
I had to force myself to get the bottom skin on.  It sucked big time.  for this I give you a 2 Mr Hanky weekend. It's only the first time in the history of this blog has Mr. Hanky been thrown out twice on the same project.  You know it must be bad.

I had a hard time finding material in .025" around here locally.  No one wants to stock it, because it is so thin, it gets damaged easily in storage.  I finally ended up buying from a place in Kansas City, MO.
I was surprised at how fast it showed up on my doorstep.  The people there are great.  They did everything they could to ensure that my aluminum would be to me before the weekend.  It was actually just one day freight on the ground.

2 sheets 4'x12' came in this box.
The original belly pan was so hacked up, I couldn't bring myself to use it.
I'm thinking that the famous rap star "Hackmaster J" must have been at work here.

It was 5 pieces total.  I am reducing that to 2. 
I think this is a challenge.  I couldn't just follow the instructions.
My Doctor says I am doing well and should be out in no time.

I laid out all the pieces, like a giant puzzle and started a rough template.
When I got it close I used cargo ratchet straps to hold it up in place, while I started drilling it up and clecoing everything together.  I started in the center and worked my way out.  I didn't take any pics underneath, well because I was tired and it would have been crappy pics anyway.
Once, I got the rear piece all shot up, I started laying out the front one.  I have to make notes to remind myself what and where to cut.

 I assembled the pieces one last time to pick up and curves around the wheel well areas.  Glad I did, I would have miscalculated.

 Fast forward about 2 days and this is the final product.  Just a few minor finishing touches left to be totally done with the belly pan.

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