Devils Tower

Devils Tower

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

All jacked up.......

After the constant nagging of mama Root, I decided to break down and buy some stabilizer jacks.  She says she feels like she is in a fun house.
 I don't like the looks of them on a vintage trailer, but I think they can be camoflagued, if done right. I am going to add them on the rear only, just because I think I can hide them under the rear bumper.
I like the scissor jack system, rather than the screw jack type.
Stopped by Camping World and picked these up. (OK Camping World, you can send a check anytime)

I wanted a big area to help distribute the load out over the frame, so I found some 3/16 plate I had laying around and cut it to size.

I used the jack to hold it in place, until I could tack weld it.

I tied the frame, the bumper and the rear crossmember together, then bolted on the jack.  I am going to build a close-out panel that will fill the gap between the bumper and the body.  That will have to be another day.

This is a pretty simple install on everything, except my trailer, but I expect no less.  It made a HUGE difference.
Now, I don't have to worry about Mama Root getting sea sick anymore.

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