Devils Tower

Devils Tower

Thursday, March 8, 2012

This and That......Odds and Ends

I have been fretting over the fact that I am running out of time to get the camper done before the camping season arrives. 
It's warm and the trailer is unfinished!

 The weather here has been unseasonably warm and the trees are in full bloom.
I have been trying to scratch off things on the "to do" list.  Yes, I am a list maker.  Guys compartmentalize and that's how I gauge my progress.  I try and finish 2-3 things on the list every weekend.
These are some random projects I finished up.
Project #1
I wanted the potty area finished off, so I found a piece of trim designed for stairs and made it fit.  I added some brown non-skid shelf liner under the trim to keep the potty from sliding around.

We decided some time back that the bed was too small for the 2 of us.  People must have been smaller in 1964.  
These guys might fit ok on the old bed.

We decided to add 8.5 inches to the width.  That makes it a full size bed.  It still needs to fold up, to allow it to make into a couch.
I had my brother -in-law, (world famous carpenter,  known by all as "Little John"), cut me a piece of plywood and router the edges.

I scrounged up a piano hinge from my local hardware store
Hinge needs to be cut to length.

I tried to match the stain, but it was a no go.  The 60's produced some weird shades of stain.  It almost looks like a translucent paint.  It doesn't really matter, you will only see it when it is made into a bed.

On to another project.  I needed to run a drain for the gray water.  I had no place for a gray water tank, due to the frame design.

The 45 degree angle that will be routed through the belly pan.
I have pretty much decided that we will be tied to camping in RV parks, no provisions for boondocking.  With that in mind, I decided to tie it  into the existing drain and vent for the sink.  I only have a few inches of clearance between the floor and the belly pan, so fitting a p trap in was a trick.  I will route this out through the belly pan at a 45 degree angle and I will cap it with some sort of fitting that allows for a quick connect type of drain hose.  

This kind of stuff takes up a lot of time, but not much progress is shown.  Maybe, I can make some progress this next weekend.

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