Devils Tower

Devils Tower

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Things are starting to come together.  Mama Root has been slaving away on the curtains for months on end.  They had to be just right.  They had to have the right colors, the right material, the right pattern to reflect 1963.   It's the little details that make the difference.
She searched the internet, the fabric stores and just about anywhere that might have fabric.
She finally found this place in Arkansas called  Interior Mall Fabric.  These people have some cool vintage styled fabrics, fair prices and are generally just nice people.  Give them a call.

Mama lined all of the curtains with that blackout material, cause she didn't want any peeping Toms staring at Root's fabio bod.

Here are a few shots of the window treatments.
Welcome back to 1963.
Kitchen window 
Back window

Cool little divider curtain, huh?

I used an expandable closet rod for my curtain rod.
The trailer is starting to feel finished, even though we still have quite a bit to go, I am happy.  Good job Mama Root.

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