Devils Tower

Devils Tower

Thursday, March 22, 2012

SPRING BREAK THRASH-O-RAMA Day 3 - Lay some pipe

This is what I have been dreading the most,  the plumbing.
The original plumbing had frozen and busted the copper lines.  
Originally, there was a water tank under the front dinette.  It was an aluminum tanks that held about 10 gallons and had a hand pump.
Although, we plan on staying in RV parks most of the time, we opted for a small tank in the original position.  I decided to try and maximize the tank size by finding a tank that would fill up the space under the dinette.
  I finally found the good people at  They will find a tank that fits your space and then add threaded bungs for fittings anywhere you want.  I sketched out what I wanted and faxed it over.  They have a sales rep call you to verify what you want.  About a week later, I had a custom built tank for under $200.
I screwed some 2x2's to the floor to keep the 
My dad has been converting his house from copper to pex tubing, mainly due to necessity and he has all the crimpers etc. for the new style tubing. 
 I grew up learning to pretty much do everything for myself.  Not because we are so talented, but rather because we could never afford to hire things done.  Not much has changed.......
So here are a few pics of the system I am building.
I always think about reliability first and then maintenance second.
I am planning a few things into the system to lessen the mundane, boring tasks.
I  have never liked those silly little water filler ports, so I opted for the ability to pressure fill my water tank.  By adding ball valves strategically allows me this option.  I added the city water port with the built in pressure regulator.

I had a drain installed on the very bottom of the tank.  I had it placed in the outboard forward corner.  This will help in winterizing.
I added a maintenance port for winterizing.  All I will have to do is close one valve and open the other and I can siphon the antifreeze into the system.
Maintenance port.

It is located right next to the pump in a cabinet that i hard to use for storage anyway.  I lined the floor with a piece of 3/8 thick rubber mat.  This will keep the noise down when the pump is operating.  The pump is a 115V park model.  I don't have a 12V system, so this is the best option.

The backside f the shower.
Mama Root laughs at me because I am anal.  I wanted red for hot and blue for cold.  It would have stressed me out to have all one color tubing. I guess I may be OCD. It makes sense in my head.
This was a huge hurdle.  Although, I still have a days work ahead of me, we cleared some major ground.  I'm glad I had my dad helping me. 
 Next, I need to get the hot water tank installed.  I still have some clamping to do, to make sure the lines aren't flopping around.

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