Devils Tower

Devils Tower

Saturday, March 10, 2012

I''m so buff.................

I know all of you ladies were excited to see the title, but I am sorry to have to let you down.  Root has to keep his shirt on.  Some guys have six pack abs, I have pony keg abs.
Can't hardly control yourselves can you?

Anyway,  we experimented with something I had been wondering about.  I have the window screens off due to all of the painting etc.
I was curious if I could buff them out and change the look of the frames.
These are sort of a milled finnish aluminum, nothing fancy.
I borrowed a buddy's grinder setup with a buffer wheel.  I tasked Mama Root with the project.  First we loaded the wheel up with some rouge. This particular one was made for stainless, but I figured it would get us close.
Buffing her little heart out....... 
Standing to the side is probably smart.
I had her standing to the side in case it grabbed it.  You don't wanna be walking around with a piece of travel trailer trim sticking out of your guts.
I should have read Root's blog.....
After, machine buffing we worked our mojo with some elbow grease and Met-All.  This is pretty labor intensive, but it wasn't really that hard.  It just takes a while.  We have a total of 7 windows and this one, is one of the largest.  Hopefully, the others will be quicker.

This window won't have any screen going back in, since it is the one that  previous owner's crazy new wife threw the cinder block through.  It was pretty jacked up and we ended up taking the roll out window out and replacing it with a solid window. 

I straightened the frame the best I could, and this is what the finished product looks like.
Not bad for a couple hours work.

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