Devils Tower

Devils Tower

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

SPRING BREAK THRASH-O-RAMA Day 2 - Hit the shower 3

Day 2 on the Thrash-O-Rama and things are creeping along.  Nothing seems to be going easy.  I decided to do something I could finish.  The shower curtain rail.
Mama Root found this aluminum, bendable track at  Pretty cool.  The only bad thing was the freight was more than the parts.  They did come in a super-strength indestructo tube, though.  It comes as a kit, so that makes it easy.
It allows up to a 2" radius, so we used a roll of electrical tape to make our bend.  Worked pretty good.  Any aerosol can would work as well.
Mounted it to the ceiling using pop rivets.  It comes with 5 ceiling mount brackets in the kit.  We had enough to wrap it around a decent amount.
Mama Root has been searching high and low for a groovy shower curtain that would represent the colors we have and also that has a mid-century modern feel to it.  Believe it or not, we found an off the shelf item at JCP and it was around $20.
This is the fun stuff.

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