Devils Tower

Devils Tower

Saturday, July 7, 2012


The trip starts at high noon, in a parking lot behind Chick-Fil-A.  I met up with the rest of the caravan, my younger sister, her husband and 2 kids pulling their newly acquired 28 ft travel trailer and my parents in their 21 foot Toyota mini motor home.
The local po po took our pic for least it wasn't downtown.
We left out on our grand adventure with a 6 hour drive ahead.  Not much to see for the first  couple of days.  Our first stop would be the most daunting.  It would test the Avalair's capabilities in a hurry.  When we left Oklahoma is was a cool 98 degrees.  Everyone was looking forward to going North, because we have always heard it's cooler up north, yes?  Well sort of......
Let's try 110 degrees.......
Welcome to the hottest place on the earth......

The first night we stayed in a state park in Scott City, KS.  There was a nice lake, but trees were scarce.  The first thing we found out was tat my A/C design was lacking.
  The problem was that the cavity under the bed, where the air conditioner was mounted would confuse the thermostat into believing that the temperature in that area was the room temperature, thus shutting off the compressor.  I am going to have to modify the bed to have a return air route to help circulate the room air.  The 8,000 BTU unit wouldn't keep up.  I had to make a run to the local Ace hardware store and buy a fan to help push the air out into the room.  It's a minor thing, but annoying, nonetheless.

On our voyage to find a hardware store, I made a wrong turn and found one of the coolest houses on the planet.  This house was built in 1906 and kept in the family for generations.  The current owner told me that the house had been owned by elderly heirs, so the insides were basically like new.  These folks must be master gardeners, because this place looked like Busch Gardens.

We did find a cool historical site. "Battle Canyon" was the last battle to ever happen between the US troops and the American Indians.

Meanwhile, back at the camp.......
We stayed at the campground for 2 days and then pressed onward.
My buddy at work says I need to give campground ratings on the blog using a 1-5 numbering system.  I need a cool rocket symbol or travel trailer etc.  
After a lot of thought,  I came to the conclusion that I will rate them in "Bubbas." 1 Bubba being the worst and 5 Bubbas being the best you could ever ask for.
I'm gonna give the Lake Scott campground a 3 bubba rating .

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