Devils Tower

Devils Tower

Sunday, July 15, 2012



Cody is just outside the East gate, which makes it a popular destination.  We are finally reaching our destination.  We have reservations at Fishing Bridge RV park.  It is the only park in Yellowstone with full hookups.  It's centrally located, so we used it for our base camp.
It's an ok park, but sort of reminded me of a Wal Mart parking lot with trees.  Pretty much just a place to park.  Most of the people are never in their camper until late, anyway. The shower situation is something you need to know about.  They only allow you 2 showers per space, per day.  So if you have 4 people, like we did, 2 of you are gonna be funky.  Now, you can buy additional showers at $3.38 each......seriously?  Mama Root and Sister Root just used our shower.  
Another issue is the sewer connection.  I'm not sure who the brainiac was that decided your sewer dump should be a foot of the ground, but he needs to be fired.  It ends up making your hose run uphill.  Everyone in the campground was complaining about it.  Not only is it a foot of the ground, but surrounding by a concrete wall on 3 sides.......that's thinking guys.  My dad is still complaining about it.
Something I had not thought about was mosquitoes.  They were insane.  They looked like small birds.  Literally, when we drove up they would swarm the truck.  You could see them attacking the glass.  It was crazy.  We could not sit outside at all.  For that reason, I have no pictures of our campground.  My wife did happen to snap this pic of me though.  You may be able to see the mosquitoes if you look closely.

With all of these things combined this earns the Fishing Bridge campground a 2.5 Bubba rating.

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