Devils Tower

Devils Tower

Friday, July 13, 2012


We headed out for Custer State Park, SD. 
 This is a good place to camp close to Mt. Rushmore.  

This is a cool campground with just electrical hookups, no water or sewer, but it has really tall pines surrounding every campsite.  The pads are not super level,though.  They had good showers and restrooms, too.  Custer State Park receives a 3.5 Bubba rating.
  We got there right as a huge thunderstorm rolled in.  They were forecasting 70 mph winds and huge hail.  This was a little concerning, considering we had no idea what county we were in.  70 mph winds are  nothing in Oklahoma, we see that pretty regularly.  However, it's not a good idea in a 19 foot travel trailer.  It could get ugly in a hurry.  We left it hooked to the truck, as a precaution until the storm passed.  We grabbed some sleep and headed for Mt. Rushmore the next morning.

We pulled up to a gate that looked like we were going to Disneyland.  It was 8-10 lanes wide and of course, in our governments infinite wisdom, the RV lane was the very outside lane.  There was no way I was getting all of those people to cooperate at the same time and let me cross 10 lanes of traffic.  No freaking way.  I just pulled in like I owned the place.  Should have made 2 lanes for RV's.  We lucked out, the guy that escorted us to the parking space, decided for some reason to let us park about 10 feet from the gate.  How's that for curbside service?
I did find this amusing, when we drove around the backside of the monument.  It was truly inspiring.........
Well, on to something more interesting.......Devil's Tower.
When I had booked the campground at Devil's Tower, I figured it would be in town a few miles away from the monument.  How does 50 feet from the gate grab ya?  
The lady at the desk told us that the park gates never closed and we should wait until the evening to walk around when it was cooler, so we did, since it was 107 when we arrived.  We waited until 7 pm and then drove up to the tower.  It was cool, because everyone else was long gone.  We had the whole place to ourselves.  

The KOA was pretty decent.  They had wifi (slow, but better than nothing), probably 2/3 of the lots were shaded, full hookups etc.  Some bozo ran over a power pedestal, so the electrician had to shut off the power for a short time, so he could repair what Sir Wrecksalot had damaged. 

 Also, about 2 am the local power company had a scheduled outage for some odd reason.  The campgrounds sort of forgot to tell anyone.  I was wandering around in my underwear with a flashlight trying to figure out why I didn't have power.  It was awesome.
Easy ladies, I don't usually post pics of myself in the buff.  The love letters cram my mailbox already...
The Devil's Tower KOA rates a 4 Bubba.

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  1. Sure, don't call the local guy until AFTER the storm. BTW, I had two full hookup spots you could have used at my place..