Devils Tower

Devils Tower

Saturday, July 7, 2012


So, after a 2 day stay in the hottest place in the universe, we decide to press on.  We made a stop in Oakley, KS. where we checked out the Buffalo Bill monument.  This thing is massive.

Circling the wagons............
Now, it is on to our next campground.  Our next stop is another 6 hours down the road at Lake Minatare, Nebraska. 
 It was a cool state park that had some giant trees.  All of the camping spots were shaded.  They didn't have full hookups, but the showers are decent.  They have asphalt and concrete camping pads, which are nice and level.

I'll give the Lake Minatare Campground a 4 Bubba rating, only due to the lack of full hookups.

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