Devils Tower

Devils Tower

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


The Big Push

So here we are on the 2 last days of the trip.  We are heading to Ft. Collins, CO.  There is a KOA in Ft Collins that is worthy of talking about.

At first, I was a little concerned about the area.  When we pulled in, it looked like we were going to be staying  in a cement plant.  The driveway extended way back to an entrance, where it opened up into a really large facility.

  It would make a great survivalist compound.  I haven't told them yet but I may annex it under imminent domain and call it "Rootistan."
  I have had offers from several of my readers to engage in a polygamist colony, if I will work on their trailers.  That sounds fair to me since I have no other skills to offer.
  Here is a little something to whet your whistle ladies.....I am gonna block out my eyes to protect my identity.
Anyway, control yourselves ladies.

The facility was pretty cool.  The pads were all concrete and super level.  It had full hookups and wifi.  Now the wifi was sketchy, but they were working on some new hardware to try and remedy that.  They had a really nice playground for the chitlins.  It has a small lake, paddle boats, miniature golf etc.  The problem is......that costs extra.  The rates are pretty steep comparatively, so I figured that was all included.  Nope.  So, that sucks.  The camp hosts were really nice there and overall the bathrooms, showers etc. were nice.
So we are going to give a "4 bubba" rating to the Fort Collins Lakeside Campground.
Ft. Collins is a nice little town.  We roamed around the downtown area, window shopping and general gawking.

Now, I did notice a few things that resonated with me.  The first was the town was very artsy, which my daughter really liked. A lot of shops and art galleries.

 The other was the waft of Mary J Wanna as I wandered through the middle of down town, that usually was accompanied by a character much like this........that really needed to get a job.
I talked to one of them.  I confused him, I think.  I asked him hard questions like " Are you from around here?" and "Where is a good place to eat ?"  The latter question should have been one that he could relate to, since he should have had the munchies.  He was of no use to me.

There is a canyon that a lot of hikers like to explore, called Poudre Canyon, but because of all the wildfires, it was closed.

  It was severely smokey, so it didn't really look like much fun anyways.  We may come back and check it out on another trip.
We decided that even though we were having too much fun, we were getting tired and running out of laundry.  We had a family meeting and decided to make the 13 hour trek back home, straight through. 

 Man, was that brutal.  Good thing for cruise control.

So overall, here are the stats for the maiden voyage of the Avalair:
States traveled : 8
Miles Traveled: 3,478
Casualties: 1 rear axle seal
Avg mpg: 13.5
Hope you enjoyed my journal of the Yellowstone trip, we sure did.

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