Devils Tower

Devils Tower

Saturday, July 14, 2012


We pressed on towards Cody, Wyoming.  This would be our last stop before Yellowstone.  We planned a travel day and a recovery day before we move on.  So with Devil's Tower in the rear view mirror we pressed on.
We crossed some pretty good climbs and most of the trip was around 8,000-9,000 ft elevation.  
We came across the Powder River Pass, which was at 9,666 ft.

It was really windy up there.  My son had a hard time staying on the ground.  I on the other hand, had gravity on my side.
The rest of the way will be down hill.  That's much better.

The Ponderosa in Cody,Wyoming is our next campground.  It's smack dab in the middle of town.  A lot of stuff is within walking distance.  We got a pretty good spot in the shade.  Nice level spots, great showers and full hookups.
They had wifi, but it sucked the big wang.  Everyone was complaining about the wifi.  We ended up sitting 6 feet from the router, on the porch of the office.

Mama Root had some important work stuff going on, so it was imperative that we had a good connection.  When I asked the people at the desk about it, they replied "Welcome to Wyoming," like it was a regional, your wifi sucks.  The campground was nice other than that.  I just think that need to step up and buy a decent router.  We went river rafting and they had a deal with the campground where they came to the Ponderosa and picked us up.  That was cool.

So, with that we rate the Ponderosa with a "4 bubba."

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  1. Keep em comin Papa Root! Really enjoying the trip vicariously...